300zx knock sensor relocation kit

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300zx knock sensor relocation kit

They are independent publications and are not affiliated with or endorsed by Nissan or Infiniti. Material may not be copied or reprinted without written permission. Advertiser Directory Classifieds Fabricators' Market. Knock Sensor Relocation Attack of the unibody snatchers! Styling and handling refined or bland? You decide. I just get really nervous messing with wiring because of the whole "point of no return" thing.

Replace knock sensor 2001 frontier sc

The knock sensor on my truck has been bad since I last owned it in There was no MIL on the dash or anything, but I scanned it when I first got my scanner just for fun and found the code. Even back then, the relocation was pretty well established as a cheap fix for the problem. For those not familiar with this, the knock sensor is located under the intake plenums on the back side of the engine. It detects cylinder knock incorrect detonation of the air-fuel mix and the engine computer adjusts timing and air-fuel ratio to compensate.

The sensor in a Nissan plays a passive role, so the engine may run fine without it functioning, but it will throw a code. Some years ago, someone discovered that you could mount a new sensor and splice into the existing harness to avoid the headache of removing the plenums, so I followed their lead and did it.

This guy made a great how-to video on YouTube that I used to know what to do. When you cut into the cover and find the black-covered wire, the second wire is wrapped around the white wire inside the black cover and not separately insulated. It took a few minutes for me to figure it out, but if you notice in the video when he starts the splicing, that splice looks like it's sticking out of the insulation - that's because he put the splice on exactly where it exits the cut he made.Message Please VTF.

What is a knock sensor or detonation sensor? Although it may not look like it, the knock sensor is really nothing more than a car microphone that listens to the engine. Similar piezoelectric pick ups are used on guitars, cell phones, etc. They're used both to convert sound to electricity and to convert electricity to sound using the same principals.

The knock sensor works by converting pressure or noise pulses into an electrical voltage signal. More details on exactly how piezoelectric sensors works can be found here on Wikipedia. Who cares?! The typical failure mode of the knock system is through corrossion of the copper terminals in the connectors. Why is this important when the Z community typically relocates or disables the knock system completely?

The knock sensor is part of the OEM knock system which is significantly more sophisticated and useful than most people realize. It's often disabled by tuners who simply override the system to enable them to tune up the ECU for max power without running into the extra road blocks the knock sensor system creates for them. Doing this puts complete trust in the tuner's equipment and experience to retune the the ECU to avoid knock at all conditions.

That's all well and good as long as the car run in conditions similar to those run on that particular dyno. Accidentally using the wrong gas or bad gas, overboosting, slightly different atmospheric conditions, and relevant hardward upgrades can in the worse cases can cause such an engine to knock into oblivien.

The knock sensor is your last line of defense. Plus, in a healthy running OEM knock system there exists significant potential to re-optimize the ECU at part power conditions for best throttle response and max torque. How can you test the knock sensor? The FSM indicates that you can test the sensor by confirming connectivity between the sensor input terminal A and ground. What's causing me to do this write-up is that I was planning on soldering the harness onto the knock sensor and wasn't sure if I'd done everything correctly.

Connectivity should exist but what's not mentioned in the FSM is that connectivity will be measured with a huge resistence! Below is my solder job and JB weld cover.

After I finished this and had put the most of the upper plenum on I decided to double check things but I mistakenly measured the resistence of the knock sensor with an analog ohmmeter on the higher sensitivity settings. As you can see below there was no reading so I figured I had soldered the wrong connection or that the knock sensor I had just installed was bad.

I tore everything back apart again! Eventually I realized that neither the sensor nor connection was bad but rather my understanding of the knock sensor was bad. Here's a simplified schematic of the sensor itself: You can measure the resistence Ri between the two terminals on the knock sensor to be around K ohms.

Otherwise this level of resistence could easily be confused with corrosion resistance. Measuring resistence between terminal B the right one and ground will definitely show connectivity. Thats by design so do not connect the white wire to terminal B or you'll short out the knock system completely!Login or Sign Up.

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. For some reason the haltech doesn't have a knock sensor function so I was wondering if anyone used other means to detect knock. What kind of reading does our stock sensor read and could a light be set up to come on when it happens. I know that someone makes a light setup but I think that I could fab one up.

300zx knock sensor relocation kit

Tags: None. It didnt, the device was garbage and i ended up selling it. I spent hours on various forums talking to people about building circuits to datalog the sensor with the LM1. All someone has to do is to develop a device that can take a modern knock sensor and convert its output to a volt output that can be logged by a normal datalogger. Comment Post Cancel. I find that the cheapest way to monitor knock, without datalogging it, is to hook up the knock sensor to an audio amplifier and listen to it while tuning.

This can be through the head unit in the car or through some headphones. As far as using the stock unit as a counter for knock, it is actually quite unreliable because the knock sensing filter can mistake other noises as knock; lifters, other machical noises, and high revving engines. If you look at stock Nissan timing maps, knock sensing is only used under low RPM and heavy loads. That's not where we typically tune for max hp. So how does anyone tune the timing maps for our car?

I know that mine are very conservative and I think that I can get more power by setting it right. Is there any way to do this. I will be doing my timing adjustments on the dyno. There are a lot of high hp z's out there.

If you listen to the knock sensor while tuning, then you can easily recognise knock from other engine noises.

300zx knock sensor relocation kit

A knock sensor is just a microphone bolted to the block. The knock sensor is unreliable when used through a computer because the computer can't tell whether it heard knock or engine noise. The audio signal from the knock sensor is sent through a couple filters and if a certain frequency is noticed, a flag is sent to the processor.Our Address.

Kings Mills, OH This topic contains 7 replies, has 6 voices, and was last updated by Matthew Farrell 8 years, 1 month ago. Just looking for opinions…. I have a Toyota Solara3.

Knock sensor codes. I am in Canada and have replaced the knock sensors app. It seems I need one again, and I have been looking at perhaps relocating them to a more accessible location. Normally parts are strategically placed in the engine compartment. It seems odd to me that your ks is going out so often. There is no place to change the knock sensor location except for were it is. The knock sensor may be picking up a problem.

If I can manage to keep the CEL off it goes, with them on it can be quite the gutless wonder. As far as the relocation thing goes, it requires a bracket tapped for the sensors and bolted to the engine elsewhere. Well if the engine is loosing that much power than it is not running fine.

I really doubt a knock sensor is the only problem. Infact the knock sensor is most likely working fine and it is picking up a problem else where in the system.

It may not be the sensor but rather a wiring issue. Unfortunately you may have to remove the intake to confirm that. The knock sensors on the 1mz engines are just stupid, they are over sensitive.

Get the Best Priced Nissan 300ZX Knock Sensor

Especially if you are boosted. You have a couple of options, you can replace with GM sensors which are less sensitive then the Toyota ones, or do what a lot of 1mz owners have done and relocate them. Most common place it to put them is on the engine steady mount, or mount a block somewhere on the top of the timing belt area. You only need to run one. Home Topic knock sensor relocation?? December 4, at am Shawn Little Participant. Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 of 7 total.

Daniel Participant. December 5, at am December 6, at am They will also set a code if there not torqued down correctly either. December 14, at pm EricTheCarGuy Keymaster. May 21, at am Matthew Farrell Participant. I saw this topic while searching and had to put a reply The knock sensors on the 1mz engines are just stupid, they are over sensitive. I would recommend going through Toyota forums as many people have done it, and can show you how.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Search forums. Log in. Install the app. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thoughts on Knock Sensor relocation? I recently watched a video of another Xterra owner relocating the Knock Sensor from the top of block, under Intake Manifold.

To, the top of Intake Manifold. Pros and cons of doing this? Thank you!! Muadeeb Bastard Admin from Hell Admin. Location Dallas. Pros: easier access if it breaks again No longer in the hottest part of the engine Gets rid of the code Cons: Further away from hearing the noises is designed for Still have to dig through the lower intake to get to it Code really doesn't affect the na engine If you're set on doing it, fine, but I wouldn't unless I have to dig in there for something else. Sorry for the delayed reply, I'm getting frustrated with this miss fire on cyl 2.

Location Columbus OH. If you do have the SC then it throws you in limp mode. It was something that we used to do back in the day.

I have not heard any talk about them, knock sensors, that is for a long time. XioCon Test Drive. Location San Antonio, TX. We're in the middle of this with our '03 Nissan Xterra. It's not supercharged. We had a mechanic do the relocation but somehow he wired it wrong. Overnight the battery would drain and the Xterra wouldn't start in the morning.

We called the mechanic back out and he "re-wired" it, but the same thing happened. It would drive just fine, but when left off for an extended period of time overnight it would drain the battery.These installations are not approved by Nissan, Inc.

All information contained here is for discussion only. Anyone attempting these relocations are doing so at their own risk and are effectively releasing twinturbo.

You have been warned. I felt that there were too many people running higher then stock boost, and bypassing the detonation sensor by doing the resistor trick. The resistor trick does work. This to me, was worth sharing. This location should be possibly accessible from under the car.

The photo is looking at the rear drivers side of the engine block. I prefer one over the other for no particular reason. Pictured above, is the passengers side 5 intake plenum runner.

There is a ground stud there. I do not like this location due to the size of the screw being used. It does not fit snuggly in the detonation sensor. It also is rather far from the engine block. All vibrations or noises travel through the block, head bolts, heads, lower intake bolts, lower intake, upper intake bolts, upper intake.

These can be obtained at your better hardware stores. The best location in my opinion, from a serviceability standpoint is on the upper plenu, but using the main plenum bolts. This is the rear drivers side bolt that holds the upper plenum to the lower plenum. Here is the bolt stack up that I was able to configure. There was unfortunately no in-between on bolt lengths, so I had to choose the longer bolt.

This was used strictly as a spacer to get the proper thread penetration. Consider this an unofficial beta version 0. This is for informational purposes only. This is for discussion only. This is not legal for use in Canada, Guam, and New Mexico. Or even Old Mexico. Have fun, be safe, but get your detonation sensors working Ladies and Gents.

300zx knock sensor relocation kit

Im doing it for my new motor for sure! Le Hir, I bow to your ever infinite wisdom. You cannot reply to this message because you are not logged in.Get affordable Nissan ZX knock sensors you deserve. Save time and dollars on your next ZX engine sensors purchase. Over 12 Years of saving people money and providing great customer service.

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